Duvine Cycling + Adventure Co.

Cycling trips of a different kind.

There's a special relationship between riders and the routes we take. There's significance in the way we seek out the most scenic roads, the most rewarding climbs and the most idyllic passes. But doing it alone isn't always an option and the rudiments of a bike trip are rarely simple. That's why our latest collaborative endeavour sees us team up with DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co., who designs and leads luxury bike tours across the globe, from Tuscany to the Tour de France and the Pyrenees to Peru. As a company that tailors multi-day bike trips for global riders, the need for the right apparel is paramount.

These days even the most striking rides have a hard time standing out. DuVine's qualitative approach to bike trips entail far more than just immensely well-curated routes and impeccable planning. Not ones to do things by the book, DuVine has imbued each trip with a touch of excitement and spontaneity, high-end hotels, fine food and wine, dedicated guides, and brilliant company, making a DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. trip nothing short of an occasion.

"From Tuscany's rolling hills and Provence's storied medieval villages to Portugal's undiscovered Douro valley and the lush vineyards of Napa, California; our guests bike, eat, drink, and sleep their way through these destinations and many more."