Inside the ASSOS clubGear Program

It's uncomfortably hot on this summer afternoon in Stabio, Switzerland, a stone's throw from the Italian border, but that doesn't faze Nicoletta Caverzasi, who works in the precise and rhythmic manner of someone who is a master of what she does. More than three decades with the brand is clear with the deftness of her hands. The airline on the sublimation press hisses as pressure is released during the printing process, a sound that means it's time to leave the prep table and see what has been created. Like a proud artist, Nicoletta slowly peels off the fabric, which just moments earlier had been glisteningly white, but now through the process of contacting a customized pattern with heat and pressure has transformed into the treasured colorway of a clubGear customer's design. Yes, you might have worked it out by now; ASSOS is not only available in black.

Many argue that ASSOS kit tends to fall into the conventional camp, as we eschew the idea of creating products that are at the mercy of fleeting fashion and trends. What we do, aesthetically, is most often lead by the functionality of the product. Our overarching usage of black doesn't pander to fashion for a reason; we've devoutly studied material lifespans and discovered that our high-performance textiles last longer when left in their natural color: black. But while this pursuit of excellence remains at the center of our mindset, we also recognize that identity can't always be narrowed down to a white logo on a black background.

ClubGear is an ideal platform for top-tier performance, whether it's a high-speed rollout or a fast training ride. It spans the seasons, with options including jerseys, shorts, windproof jackets, caps, socks, and much more. It's an apparel collection for the entire club, with your name emblazoned on it, fitting the aesthetic needs of your customized designs, while satisfying our need for excellence in the fabric's performance.

Silently ticking away at our HQ, ex-elite rider Alberto Bianchi took the reins of the clubGear department just 12 months ago and has since raked in a series of high-profile clients. A lifelong cyclist with vast apparel knowledge, Alberto works closely with each customer to create a kit that is in sync with performance and club allegiance — where bold graphics meet our fabric knowledge. "The majority of clubGear orders are sent to clubs in America," he explains, scrolling through some of the eye-catching designs on his screen. "Then the next biggest market is Switzerland, Germany, and France. Italy and Spain are on the rise, but I think that not enough people are even aware that we're making these custom kits." He gestures at the sublimation machine, talking us through the current design, and is visibly proud of where it will end up. "As you can see, it says Escargot on the jersey, and it's a really cool club founded by the ASSOS pro shop in Tokyo."

"Just last week I got some photos and a thank you email from a team who'd just ridden one of the most iconic Gran Fondos. I think that's the best thing; hearing from the riders after they've done a great ride in their new kit."

So now that the secret is out, your club, team, corporation, or just band of riding buddies could be moving in good company, joining the ranks of Samsung, IWC, and Swiss International Airlines through to the Mercedes Motor Sport's F1 engineers and their Works_Team. We'd argue that's not a bad group to be in. And yes, black still takes precedence with the shorts, but there is a degree of flexibility that we'll let Alberto explain. Either way, we're confident that you won't want to compromise on that front anyway.

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