And Now… Now I Wait:

Long-distance triathlete, creative, and friend of the brand Jimena Zamora has, like so many of us in the world, been on lockdown since early March, so we thought it was time to check in on how she’s been coping with the change in routine.

I used to wake up before the sun, I used to wake up with my gym bag ready and my breakfast and lunch packed up for the day. I would jump into the pool while the sun was rising and with the stillness that every morning brings.

And now… now I wait.

With all my goal races either canceled or hanging in the balance of what is to come, I realized I needed to pivot and refocus my energy on what I can control and not on the things I can’t.

I slowly wake up with the sun, I stretch and try my best to meditate (why is it so hard to stay still!). It changes every day…maybe I meditate for 10 minutes, maybe I stay in bed for 10 more. Every day I give in and open social media way too early, but I’m trying. I’m trying to adapt and evolve.

Every day I listen to my body more, every day I make slight changes depending on how I am feeling. Most days I wake up a bit stressed, which isn’t far from normal for me but last night was the first full sleep I got. I am trying to adapt and evolve.

I finally move to the area of my house I’ve established as my office, take my tea, supplements, and eventually my coffee, and then I go to work, and I wait.

I wait. I wait for my body to truly want to move, when it craves it the most… and that’s when I get on my trainer and ride.

I ride to Formula 1 or Altered Carbon on Netflix. I ride for an hour (-ish) with no training plan in mind. No races on the horizon, no goals except to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Let’s be real, if I get to race in the near future, I won’t care if I am fit enough to race. I will gladly race very “not race-ready” and give it my all.

There are times I drift off on the trainer and can hear the gravel below me. I hear that noise we’re all craving right now. I feel it in my hands and my butt. I imagine the dirt under my nails and the smell of it on my hair…

Then it’s back to emails, school, work, and whatever other things I have to do. Back to being in my head and slapping my hand every time I open the news.

Eventually, I am done. That means some sort of strength work or stretching. I will FaceTime with my mom in Mexico (a fitness instructor), and she gives me a workout. This helps us both. I also bought a soccer ball and have been practicing juggling (I was quickly reminded I am not as good as I thought), but it helps me to focus on only what I am doing at that time. Some sort of meditation for Type A people.

If anything, I make it a point to remember that every day is different. My practice and intention are now focused on trying to flow and not push back. All you can do during these uncharted waters is not fight it. Don’t push out the bad moments, but most importantly don’t question the good moments.

Until we meet on the road again :)

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